pitymalat12. YunJae.addicts.page approx. 4200 Yunho small image, Jaejoog's face

YunJae.addicts. Yunho mini pics on Jae's face. Not my job. I'm JJ bias. Why? 1. musical talent, songwriter and vocal / this is extraordinary / 2. he is inside and outside beautiful. The goodness comes out of his heart 3. all he's doing is superb, concerts sorting, photography, design. Creative, its taste is very sophisticated,in all areas, clothing dressing, fragrances, home decor.

07.TVXQ 5 members best of :)

My favorites

HEY! (Dont Bring Me Down)

I love this the best

“Heart, mind and soul”  TokyoDome


JeKatyerina Nahosoka That I’m Katalina / pitymalat12 /

-I know that the current so many K-pop groups have talent, and that is very good in its own way.
But nobody.
I mean, no one but no one is like the five members of DBSK
This harmony is something very special and amazing.
It is not only the perfect image on the stage, but it deeply touches the soul.
“Heart, mind and soul”  touched in me everything.
Well, that’s what really matters ..
I so miss five members, together.-

Tokyo Dome “Stand by U”

They are very so so cute, youthful clip.

“Step by step”

“Melody and harmony”

Tokyo Dome concert details, fantastic dancing.

“We are”


“Crazy love”

This is other of my favorites
I do not know how they do it, but never no play back sing the song.

This is one of the most beautiful love song I’ve ever heard.
our feeling of love, love is all about. to each other
“Proud” – “I am proud for your love ” –
they to cry themselves / boy-boy love, not accepted in Korea /
this song is a concert in Japan, closing song.
Japan adopt the other gender identity.




“Rising Sun”

Acapella collections

They have the ability, in each place, and
all conditions,  to sing from.  All five members have perfect pitch,
and never sing in false tune.

General selection

“My addition” in Soul

“MIROTIC” concert in Soul

“Wrong number”  “Under my skin”

Ballada, “Bolero” cocert in Japan


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