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YunJae.addicts. Yunho mini pics on Jae's face. Not my job. I'm JJ bias. Why? 1. musical talent, songwriter and vocal / this is extraordinary / 2. he is inside and outside beautiful. The goodness comes out of his heart 3. all he's doing is superb, concerts sorting, photography, design. Creative, its taste is very sophisticated,in all areas, clothing dressing, fragrances, home decor.

DBSK.5 bittersweet true story


I do not like it.
but writing down
this is almost the complete truth
what, I gathered on the web.
I have encountered many of the same opinion.
I am a fan of DBSK since 2010, and I did not understand what was happening
Only in 2011 did I realize that DBSK break up.
however the breakup started, In July of 2009 ,
and 2010 became be over
I was only in 2011 that I realized DBSK breakup
The back then I tried to collect everything.
/ 2011 / but, it was very confusing,
plus the fandom Wars, It totally freaked me out
as I read the statements in the comments, forums, twitter, etc.
all in all
I following conclusions I drew down
I know well, Jae not raped physically
made violent threats, deception lies
what, Jae could not longer bear
Junsu’s mother had problem also
/ With all due respect to her mom, but I must point out a very ambitious lady /
Yunshunak also had problems, but he was primarily a strong bond Junsu and Jaehez, which is why he went with them without a word.
The company’s management, no one has ever refused to deal with the problems, especially Jae who had always gone ahead and complain, but it always backfired Yunhora,
Yunho did not want conflict, so Jae and Yunho much fighting, but for a time of love conquered all.
The serious troubles between the two had begun when a meeting with Yunho’s mother with Jae, she said for Jae, that, do not dream about to accept their relationship.
So, going the things into, that spring of 2009, a televised concert in Yunho mother took me there a girl, as presented with Yunho potential wife.
They sat in the front row.
Yunho sat with them and conversed with the usual with kind ,
but it saw Jae behind the scenes, and when, they were on stage he wept ,throughout during the performance
/ I saw this youtube video of a fan /
You can imagine how he felt, and including these in almost direct consequence of personal breakup.

and yes, Yunho’s parents played a crucial role in the story
Yunho would have gone, with the other three members
but, Chmiel did not want to go under any circumstances
to sues the sm. company
Plus Yunho’s father was beholden to the sm company,
this end He asked for the unconditional loyalty, from his son.
Chmiel and his father simply did not undertake the uncertain
they chose secure living, they are opportunists
It was awful and disgusting things to read what Yunho’s father said the three outgoing members, a lot of filth and lies,
and after this, Chmiel’s father joined also.
I wonder that Yunho was not destroyed into.

when I think about how many things would have to stand Yunho
I do for this reason crashing
Jae, the company, members, parents, fans Yunho
and society who does not accept other preference only if straight
so terrible
but I’m now watching the present and the future
I know that in 2014 something from the age of, back together.

“Neither with you nor without you.”

At the end of 2011 together again,
end of summer 2012, broke again
March 2014 together again ………


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