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The K-pop downsides: the per-TVXQ and beyond

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In about TVXQ was mentioned earlier , they are some of the most-most-most band in Asia who have attained is always available, and then split up huge scandals in the midst of a day. But the story of the disintegration of K-pop oiled illuminates the true nature of the machine, frightening reality behind the glittering world wonder, the way this industry really works.

Korea soaring popiparának machinery of the issuing agencies are controlled by pressing a key. The felépítésről a previous post: I have written. These publishers certainly performers in absolute agreement of the holders, the rapporteur is virtually zero say in things. Since these children very early conclude long-term contracts, there is hardly anything which could influence the content of the contracts. Lawyer is the star in this part of seedlings did not do, what the parent has a legal barns screws? The kids are all costs sing, dance, want to become a star, anything is signed. Then they grow up and realize that what they do really with them, but the majority will tolerate and wait for the contract expires, and very few have an artist who dares to move. Because if they do, their careers at risk.

This was one of the first successful fiúbandájával the 90s, the HOT-tal, whose stories gruesome manner similar to TVXQ-those, but they call their contracts extended, stepped up trouble, two left, three of them is gone, and the sauce here is also the publisher mixed thoroughly.

1000% a can not buy the story, because only took a fraction of the public to TVXQ kálváriájának, and surely I may be wrong even, but from what I read on the subject, my following stabbed.

The good old days: from left to right: Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong (JYJ), Yunho and Changmin then (TVXQ)

The dissolution

So it happened that at the end of 2009 Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu of TVXQ lawsuit launched from the record label, SM Entertainment, Korea’s largest entertainment companies against the mammoth, due to the injustices of their contract. He said the 13-year contract, which the SM megváltoztathatott unilaterally at any time, however, they did not have any control over. The band was already an abomination monies earned by the publisher nor a fraction of what they saw. For years they lived in a hole, which required them to rent, unfurnished room for years to five (there were only beds). Sort of things had to go, we do not want, organized programs for them, just do not they tell me.Ad nauseam laborers without a break. When the agreement was announced change igányüket, they received a finger in response. The trial starts in three boys (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu that JYJ) came out, the other two, Changmin and Yunho remained. The fans, Cassiopeia is almost gone mad, and finally split into two factions, the truth JYJ’s taxes were grouped under the name Orion. The two camps frenzied, frantic mud-slinging began in the JYJ fans branded traitors remaining two members of TVXQ, and vice versa, this happened. The JYJ elbőgte his first solo concert on the stage after a break in Japan.

The JYJ melt on stage after their concert in Japan

The three boys the same way, not only aggravated the pain of breaking up. After the dissolution of the SM Entertainment anonymous (!!!) circular practically directed the Korean TV companies that JYJ is not bring it up. The JYJ since 2010 did not appear to show any Korean music, their concerts are not broadcast in Korea, the only TV channel that is available to them talk, MTV, it is only because foreign-owned. Such is the power of the SM has the Korean pop industry. In Japan, the Japanese label Avex boys also did everything he could to bury the JYJ in his own tomb. Unable to them. The band filled the Tokyo Dome, went on tour around the world, tens of thousands Junsu crowds of musical action, Yoochun TV series to unprecedented popularity, Jaejoong and store the silver screen as well. Together, as a band, however, they continue to be banned from TV every home. The fight, however, do not give up. The first phase of the trial ended, the Seoul court said that the contract was illegal and boys in the SM has to pay compensation. But MS is not willing to continue the trial, they have heard the parties six times, but never reached an agreement, in September last days by the decision again. SM “felejstük out what happened,” egyezkedne basis, JYJ sticks to the court. Positions approaching zero.Voltage

The legendary TVXQ was that the boys were on good terms with each other which, for example, that when the internship during their childbearing years later Yunhónak gang leader had nowhere to go, Junsu will be given to not having to live on the streets.Whether all this is true, we do not know any case, we assume that the guys were really as good friends as they show themselves in front of the cameras. If that was indeed surprising to me Yunho and Changmin’s claim, according to what they did not know anything about JYJ to exit from the SM and “total surprise” they received news of the lawsuit. Especially that these children lived in an apartment, 24 hours a day and were locked up. Jaejoong’s sister posted something that all five of us designed a shutdown, then Changmin and Yunho for some reason changed his decision and left. The girl, according to information in the SM more than a month-by-one meetings called members, and who knows, as the stuffed heads. Maybe it promised them more money, CH and Y is adopted, JYJ is not it? Rumors also crossed wings that MS knew that JYJ is definitely going to sue the two hesitant members told them that it failed to agree with them.

What actually happened, no outsider can not, in any event, Junsu irritated and depressed Twitter messages only poured oil on the fire. The always smiling, always positive thinking Junsu Twitter’s messages demanded someone (the recipient was not) that “hyung [older team members reach out], why are you doing this to us? Thank you give the man who was the common enemy and separated us? I can not stand this has been further “. The fans believed the message said the team leader Yunhónak, older Junsunál (so hyung, that brother solicitation), the rest of the message is indicated that shortly before Yunho thanked the SM Entertainment Director Lee Soo-Mann, when TVXQ debuted as a duo. In addition, speculations that the return of TVXQ’s song, Keep You Head Down’s is the text of JYJ has been addressed, making Junsu was upset because the lyric is about a two-faced traitor.

The TVXQ Keep Your Head Down c. song with English subtitles

Of course it is also possible that this is just a coincidence, or some info that the song was ready long before that JYJ took off. Who knows, in any event, the JYJ’s debut English-language album title, The Beginning (The Beginning) is definitely not suggesting to recommence the whole thing without the other two guys. Right? Which I think hiding behind the curtain Behind the curtain hiding a giant company, which has been criticized many times by many to előadóikkal treatment and practically rabszolgaszerződéseik due. The SM Entertainmentnek was not to improve the JYJ contract, because the golden egg laying hens in the premium without power megtojták the golden egg, why bother them bigger cage? Probably it would have been an empty threat that the boys will sue if it does not improve the conditions. Who would dare to sue Korea’s largest entertainment company? ELAS believe in their careers forever. Then when the boys yet been submitted to the action, they probably realized that you can now save what could be saved and nicely cooked and the other two boys. Double TVXQ is better than nothing basis. Then well they have launched the JYJ-smear machine on, with the result that the three particularly boys can step up to date with the national TV stations broadcasts, while TVXQ please promótálhat anywhere.  The case of SM HOT-tal (who also decomposed for similar reasons) with TVXQ and shows that something very fishy want to say Korea, at least popfronton Denmark. The giant publisher has full power over the stars who stay or shut up, or eltángálják them for a lifetime. The JYJ is due to the successes alone, that we have big names have gained TVXQ members as a stand-alone salable (lucky that the guys understand to acting as well), so you can live without MS, and finally free. Since they left, for example, are increasingly describe themselves in their songs, Junsu shed imposed by MS-cheek image of cute and cool félistenbe passed, Yoochun and Jaejoong was evolved as an actor. Jaejoong and Yoochun Junsu tattooed on his back and Yunho’s name -Changmin left behind, but both Jaejoong and Yoochun received a Always keep the faith (we always trust) tattoo on his chest, which has since become the old TVXQ fans slogan posters.

The JYJ can not give up hope that one day one day stand on stage five of them will be together again as they used to. In the meantime, in their own way, as the duo formed TVXQ, while in my bed at the fumble, how to allow the laws in Korea that a company enter into such contracts with its employees, and why not dare to no one, but no man Korea to act seriously against SM? While the JYJ is alone in the struggle against the mammoth, while there is little chance that anything can change. How many famous Korean superstar could be working like a slave contract?

The JYJ quite clearly coded message. The dalukról ‘W’ was impossible not to feel that TVXQ’s all about. AW because the shape of Cassiopeia, Cassiopeia and the old quintet TVXQ was ranjongótáborának name. The lyrics also implicit in nature: “We will always wait, still above the place we were, we always see ourselves in front of the W”.


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