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YunJae.addicts. Jaejoong's face, not my job, I do not know who's the one who did it. and I'm afraid I do not know where I found.


Park Yoochun military, discharge on 26 August 2017. 2015 Yoochun – Found You & You’re at Yokohama Arena Oooh my god, I watched This, is all along I cried Please … olvasásának folytatása

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K.J.Jung.BrilliantInvention one newer message For us fans For anti fans And for Yunho Kim Jae Jung the director did a great job was exposed for himself My dear son, if … olvasásának folytatása

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Whatever he decides or does. I support it all. In my opinion, he deserves better than Like this is H.Hana references http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2074755 http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2074426 http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2074412 I would like, if is to … olvasásának folytatása

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  Da best fanart ever. That makes Jaejoong praised the artist in DBSK's fanmeeting. ❤ pic.twitter.com/4v722bagzK — Ristaa『允浩在中』❤ (@JJaerista) June 5, 2017

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2013 Pictures of grim harsh times YunJae. separation under my job fanart

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Thanks for sharing it is a super good news a gift on my BD.☺

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No more time, JeJe.

“Damaged” FanFic Livejournal http://aquariuslover.livejournal.com/19983.html#cutid1/html/codes/html_link_code.cfm%22   wish, desire, distance longing no no no The time smal No more time, never no more time I’dont want to see, that Jaejongie or Yunie … olvasásának folytatása

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  I am disappointed, Because we deserve it from Yoochun a personal announcement of his wedding. We were always there by her side Protect him …… So that’s it…………… So … olvasásának folytatása

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This is the message It makes me very happy now, thanks I hope in the end. Oh yesYESyes 2016.12.24. 2017.01.03. 2017.02.27 2017.05.03.  

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Yoochun  Marriage is not marriage It is still just a rumor, and I hate it all this whole things “Rumors are worse than thieves because they steal the dignity, honor, … olvasásának folytatása

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Perfect Creations for example this, #YunJae #윤재 #ユンジェ Photoshoot behind the scenes. ㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/AAUGm4RJxv — Ristaa『允浩在中』❤ (@JJaerista) April 26, 2017 #YunJae UKnow what? pic.twitter.com/EFjXaxU1ZL — Ristaa『允浩在中』❤ (@JJaerista) April 26, 2017 Sweet … olvasásának folytatása

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MyfeastReportYunJae.From now on “TheLordoftheRings”JungYunho.

Feast, The King yesterday discharged 04/20/2017 they are here, together my Fan art, and desire

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  Jae did, for Yunho and for us I’m happy, it’s more what it I hoped APRIL 20 SUMMARY • JJ’s discharge pic •“I love you uncle” • Bazaar JUNE … olvasásának folytatása

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dream aloneIt’s just a dream    dream together is a reality    dream alone It’s just a dream Peace Peace Peace love love love Now there is a great need for … olvasásának folytatása

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50 reasons why I love YunJae Just because this one amazing video Plus I understand you, and support thee. 💕 50 reasons why I love YunJae 💕 — Geeーちゃん (@TimeToLoveJJ) … olvasásának folytatása

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The Rebirth of Kim.Jae.Jung.AsianTour.

  Slowly over. One is still left, Tajpej But something happened Macao, which he go haywire, her shattered Makcao time, he give instagram dawn 5 when he could not sleep. … olvasásának folytatása

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I think it’s not funny, and not tasteful 1. JJ. already married /J.Y/ Please note, the signs of marriage and so it took into account and new banner “Protect You”. … olvasásának folytatása

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Allkpop Shame on you.

allkpop.shameOn.You Amazing to allkpop, such a lie article displays. this is journalism the worst bottom of tabloid it is infamy. 2012 was also published in the international press, news that … olvasásának folytatása

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SatiamaSuperArena Japan

Jaejoong laughing, jiggle laughing the sight and, his voice simply immersive I laugh with him I would like this, lot like this, because this heals me. #TheRebirthofJinJapan Jaejoong laughing ishhh … olvasásának folytatása

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 without makeup evening 20 with makeup evening 21,15 with makeup, the fret that he is unable to do video call 🙂 who will it be ? who stacking the puzzle the … olvasásának folytatása

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KimJungJaejoong is made a sensational announcement

Tan “- love wedding band – “I’ll protect you” – same bday friend – corpse bride how much more till he finally announces they’re married already?” Yes, yes these things … olvasásának folytatása

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Yunho, Yoochun and Junsu, this three boys – No entry – in the kitchen 🙂 Yunho, Yoochun and Junsu are such adorable fails in the kitchen 😂 pic.twitter.com/dSH5sywzzw — Kennie … olvasásának folytatása

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Audio record of Jaejoong saying "Yuuho aishiteru!" yesterday 🙈 (深海兔条) "ゆうほ 愛してる!" pic.twitter.com/1J9GF617vS — Kennie 🌻 (@KennieYieJ) February 15, 2017 Thanks, the eng. trans. perhaps, a little better my soul. Video … olvasásának folytatása

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JaeJung.I’ll ProtectYou

During singing I'll Protect You,JJ tried hard not to cry,but then camera zoom in,Jaejoong cry when fans are also crying 😭(vid cr.reico126) pic.twitter.com/oueJW8rVRG — Ristaa~允浩在中❤ (@JJaerista) February 10, 2017 NAGAJAO … olvasásának folytatása

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2017. I watch JJ. video and I’m tittering, I laugh I’m chuckling I giggles I smile and I start over again I can not stop 🙂

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      Born just one day apart, FATED to be each other’s other half FOREVER. #HappyYunJaeDay Pay attention to: Yunho's left handJaejoong's expressionYunho's expression pic.twitter.com/PStJmUb4Gn — ยูลี่🌻 (@fiveshinki) February … olvasásának folytatása

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Jae 2013, Yun 2014 /TreeLiveTour/ JJ. The beautiful wife, a gentle smile on his face watching, his funny boyish souled of her husband Yunho. 🐻💖 pic.twitter.com/T4Vq4NsJ5I — 리아🤧 (@paulisteu) February … olvasásának folytatása

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Chinese New Year Japanese New Year (prior to 1873) Korean New Year (Seollal)[2] Mongolian New Year (Tsagaan Sar) Tibetan New Year (Losar) Vietnamese New Year  

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JaeJung. HBD.32

생일 축하해 재종 let it be free happy in love let it be lovely friendship, and let it be always healthy 01/26/2017.

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JJ Instagram profile photo change yeah I know, We know that, your soul is still TVXQ We love you and protect you when you need it Concert .JJ. 01/21/2017. “Love … olvasásának folytatása

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JJ.tipsy live+4ring

01/20/2017 drinking, so cute   he is singing “I’ll protect you” I just hope that, them JJ or Yunho, no one is do anything, to hurt them. someone sing like … olvasásának folytatása

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piki.JJ.”그거 알아?”


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KimJung.JaeJoong.”The Lord of the rings”

Jaejoong, he is married. Selling: Writing Mirabella, wonderful, kind of cute joy joy 🙂 MirabellaAFF. So, Jaejoong, he is married. First encounter with the fans we have seen, the right … olvasásának folytatása

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[SNS] 170113 C-JeS Instagram & JYJ Official Facebook Updates: Golden Disk Awards with Jaejoong

[PHOTO] 골든디스크 시상식에 참석할 김재중, 곧 만나요~ 레드카펫▶ 본방송▶ #김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #제31회골든디스크어워즈 #골든디스크 #웨이보인기상 #투표해주신 #여러분 #감사합니다 #사랑합니다 #드디어오늘 #비주얼쇼크 #나가십니다 #레드카펫 #깔아주세요 #JTBC #생중계 #곧만나요 #씨제스타그램 instagram.com/p… Forrás: … olvasásának folytatása

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http://www.star2.com/people/2017/01/04/hallyu-star-kim-jae-joong-back-on-a-high-note/ Grateful thanks therefore, the writings for  DZIREENA MAHADZIR https://twitter.com/dzireena

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TVXQ http://aiwomotto.egloos.com/m/9907464  [TUTORIAL] How to create a daum email + join TVXQ's fancafe, Yuaerubi (161229) https://t.co/eEa3ufGlNi — 카블♡ㅣ/오빠 내가 기다렸어! (@paulisteu) December 29, 2016

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http://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2017/01/enter-talk-current-situation-of-golden.html?m=1 SHINee’s fan, slander SHINee’s fan Korea, starts out of himself SHINee is behind the great powers sm you can imagine what he does, sm all misdeed can to do … olvasásának folytatása

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JJ. with us again.

2016 is the end, My beautiful baby JJ: with us again. 2017 fine, look forward to the Yunho discharge, ……… Jae at his discharge.2016.12.30 Fan meeting, 2016.12.31 discharge party, 2016.12.31 … olvasásának folytatása

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Cassie, we’re family, red means more than a color 5 means more than a number and, W means more than, as a character, in the alphabet 13thTVXQJYJDay “Rising Gods of … olvasásának folytatása

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DBSK.5 bittersweet true story

I do not like it. but writing down this is almost the complete truth what, I gathered on the web. I have encountered many of the same opinion. I am … olvasásának folytatása

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Pictures.15/11/2008. MKMF. TVXQ.

YunJae viewpoint already 8 years fantastic photos and of course the “embrace of the century” The origin of the images YunJaeLandVN

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hahaha sm received a big slap 🙂 JJ win

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2009 The Nation 30 minutes of hard-core block dancing, singing along with amazing and there is no Playback, wow when ? they take their breath…. it at all what amazing … olvasásának folytatása

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 https://youtu.be/arICcsCBEs0?list=PL3227062704636F18   brilliant, good writing Xiaolongimnida blog Xiaolongimnida The K-pop downsides: the per-TVXQ and beyond Xiaolongimnida | 2012-10-15 08:20:00 Tags: K-pop downsides , TVXQ , JYJ In about TVXQ was … olvasásának folytatása

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5 members of DBSK “East Gods” forever

me, no more words I can’t to add nothing 😦 only know 5 members of DBSK “East Gods” forever “This vid gives me goosebumps through the whole 4 mins really.” … olvasásának folytatása

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yunjaenoona   OMG *sigh*   old sad time , 2013 again without each other every song is about Yunho

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YooChun, I’ll protect you, because I believe in you.

  I live in Central Europe Hungary, to me, it is far from korea, but still close, in my heart. YooChun, I’ll protect you, because I believe in you. Just … olvasásának folytatása

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Just because.I love them.


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