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YunJae.addicts. Jaejoong's face, not my job, I do not know who's the one who did it. and I'm afraid I do not know where I found.



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God bless you JungYunho 東方家の日常ep267 #ユンジェ #yunjae #jaejoong #yunho #changmin #tvfxq @jj_1986_jj @yunho2154 @changmin88 A post shared by jj_pou (@erinoa1001) on Feb 6, 2018 at 2:44am PST https://songoshen.tumblr.com/post/170986663228 02.06. 2018 … olvasásának folytatása

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Yunho.at TokyoSirloin.Seoul

now 2018. 02.05 dawn Yunho in Tokyo😊😊😊 JJ. ❤🎂🎉🎂❤😊😊😊 no, Yunho is not in Tokyo I made a mistake i’m doing repairs therefore: “Looks like he was at the restaurant … olvasásának folytatása

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JJ valódi születése napja 02.04. JJ really birth day. 02.04 Yun születése napja 02.06.       Yun Birth Day 02.06 mindkettő        both 1986. Isten éltessen mind a kettőtöket … olvasásának folytatása

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All dear YunJae of fanfics writers I recommend it to you, with love 🙂

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hug-me I can’t beat my sad heart again I’m enduring the dark and sleepless nights without regard for my despair the morning indifferently wakes me the wound burns more than … olvasásának folytatása

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# 33rdJakejoongDay

# HAPPYJAEJOONGDAY HBD.JJ You and lovein You are live example is a legend because to fight, protect, to persevere, what you do this is , no one do in the … olvasásának folytatása

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2018.The song’s secret 2017. I’ll do the summation later now only one picture Now this chapter the “YunJae aesthetics” the appellation,The address is I borrowed by @yunjaesthetics “A random mood, … olvasásának folytatása

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I love them 14 years, I know this is a wonderful birthday TVXQ, TVXQ, DBSK JYJ but I describe which makes my heart bitter 2010, not only the duo was … olvasásának folytatása

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a Tragedy’sPostscript

A terrible tragedy happened the boys/ three / Jae,Yun,Chamin went to the funeral, that’s all right, since everyone has the right to say goodbye and I can not imagine what’s … olvasásának folytatása

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” you will be cry, there where no one sees it” 🙂 “ott fogsz majd sirni ahol senki sem lát” Kép felirat, ” aki ignorál engem, teszek róla, hogy sirjon, … olvasásának folytatása

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  HK.FM. Bitter message everyone was awesome the MC, the fans, Jae but Jae’s bitterness came down Yesterday's My only Comfort reminded me of this performance where jaejoong sang it … olvasásának folytatása

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before 9 years ago, *Begin* 過去の素晴らしい名曲を、またひとつ、彼らが継承してくれたことに感謝します。当時のプロデューサーの松尾さんが今日コメントされましたが、当時のファンにとっても格別な思いがある楽曲ですよね。(映像:2006年武道館公演より) #東方神起 #Begin #BeginAgain pic.twitter.com/YPOdulV2zl — ❦Maki❦🐾 (@MAKI_tokyoJapaN) November 13, 2017 a heartbreaking me hurt my tears dropping and I can not listen to TVXQ2 … olvasásának folytatása

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  talkative pictures inspiration for writing YunJae fanfics My thoughts I feel like it was a few months ago a big fight was between the two. They could not agree … olvasásának folytatása

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nostalgia collection Sweat and Tears

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What’s going on ? Jaejoong

someone tell me What’s going on ? you’ll tell me… Where are you ? and who’s doing the photos about you? if it’s too intimate, okay, do you not have … olvasásának folytatása

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For JungJaejoong whatever happens, we will always love you hooded 🙂 pictures

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self-made graphics to different beautiful stories AFF and Livejournal , these are the latest ones “The dragon’s bride”   “Beautiful eyes” “The painter” “The prince and the playboy” YuSu

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  All you need is love 🙂 I’m a little panicked I do not want to think or talk about war but, must this is Kim Jong-un / oh shame … olvasásának folytatása

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“Before it is too late”Jaejoong

“Before it is too late” Damn, I talking about through this for years if this is my life big error, mistake /what I believe in Jae Yunho’s relationship/ I will … olvasásának folytatása

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JJ.Instagr JJ.5000 JJ.”Just realize while doing my face mask pack that today’s 5000th day of my debut…” JJ.: “Go further than 5000+5000. I will work harder so we can be … olvasásának folytatása

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let’s think about !

SM is a hell company please use your brains!   SM, TVXQ's comeback forecasted expected sales of 50billion KRW in 2018.https://t.co/cf6pujIW2o *second pic = stats in 2016 cr koreaboo pic.twitter.com/WzQxnVOxj7 … olvasásának folytatása

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      Wow and wow and wow and yes yes yes this is just wow! #welcomeback6002https://t.co/ft4PMgFJwo pic.twitter.com/pkU6rFOEHP — 믹까살🌻 (@MiCKkasal) August 24, 2017    

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TVXQ press tour in picture. Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong 2017.08.21,22. Yunho and Max

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I just do not understand How could be in korea this is series the people hardly watch ? very low ratings meanwhile The international rating is extremely high. thousands of … olvasásának folytatása

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Park Yoochun military, discharge on 26 August 2017. 2015 Yoochun – Found You & You’re at Yokohama Arena Oooh my god, I watched This, is all along I cried Please … olvasásának folytatása

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K.J.Jung.BrilliantInvention one newer message For us fans For anti fans And for Yunho Kim Jae Jung the director did a great job was exposed for himself My dear son, if … olvasásának folytatása

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Whatever he decides or does. I support it all. In my opinion, he deserves better than Like this is H.Hana references http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2074755 http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2074426 http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2074412 I would like, if is to … olvasásának folytatása

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  Da best fanart ever. That makes Jaejoong praised the artist in DBSK's fanmeeting. ❤ pic.twitter.com/4v722bagzK — Ristaa『允浩在中』❤ (@JJaerista) June 5, 2017

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2013 Pictures of grim harsh times YunJae. separation under my job fanart

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Thanks for sharing it is a super good news a gift on my BD.☺

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No more time, JeJe.

“Damaged” FanFic Livejournal http://aquariuslover.livejournal.com/19983.html#cutid1/html/codes/html_link_code.cfm%22   wish, desire, distance longing no no no The time smal No more time, never no more time I’dont want to see, that Jaejongie or Yunie … olvasásának folytatása

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  I am disappointed, Because we deserve it from Yoochun a personal announcement of his wedding. We were always there by her side Protect him …… So that’s it…………… So … olvasásának folytatása

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This is the message It makes me very happy now, thanks I hope in the end. Oh yesYESyes 2016.12.24. 2017.01.03. 2017.02.27 2017.05.03.  

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Yoochun  Marriage is not marriage It is still just a rumor, and I hate it all this whole things “Rumors are worse than thieves because they steal the dignity, honor, … olvasásának folytatása

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Perfect Creations for example this, #YunJae #윤재 #ユンジェ Photoshoot behind the scenes. ㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/AAUGm4RJxv — Ristaa『允浩在中』❤ (@JJaerista) April 26, 2017 #YunJae UKnow what? pic.twitter.com/EFjXaxU1ZL — Ristaa『允浩在中』❤ (@JJaerista) April 26, 2017 Sweet … olvasásának folytatása

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MyfeastReportYunJae.From now on “TheLordoftheRings”JungYunho.

Feast, The King yesterday discharged 04/20/2017 they are here, together my Fan art, and desire

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  Jae did, for Yunho and for us I’m happy, it’s more what it I hoped APRIL 20 SUMMARY • JJ’s discharge pic •“I love you uncle” • Bazaar JUNE … olvasásának folytatása

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dream aloneIt’s just a dream    dream together is a reality    dream alone It’s just a dream Peace Peace Peace love love love Now there is a great need for … olvasásának folytatása

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50 reasons why I love YunJae Just because this one amazing video Plus I understand you, and support thee. 💕 50 reasons why I love YunJae 💕 — Geeーちゃん (@TimeToLoveJJ) … olvasásának folytatása

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The Rebirth of Kim.Jae.Jung.AsianTour.

  Slowly over. One is still left, Tajpej But something happened Macao, which he go haywire, her shattered Makcao time, he give instagram dawn 5 when he could not sleep. … olvasásának folytatása

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I think it’s not funny, and not tasteful 1. JJ. already married /J.Y/ Please note, the signs of marriage and so it took into account and new banner “Protect You”. … olvasásának folytatása

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Allkpop Shame on you.

allkpop.shameOn.You Amazing to allkpop, such a lie article displays. this is journalism the worst bottom of tabloid it is infamy. 2012 was also published in the international press, news that … olvasásának folytatása

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SatiamaSuperArena Japan

Jaejoong laughing, jiggle laughing the sight and, his voice simply immersive I laugh with him I would like this, lot like this, because this heals me. #TheRebirthofJinJapan Jaejoong laughing ishhh … olvasásának folytatása

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 without makeup evening 20 with makeup evening 21,15 with makeup, the fret that he is unable to do video call 🙂 who will it be ? who stacking the puzzle the … olvasásának folytatása

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KimJungJaejoong is made a sensational announcement

Tan “- love wedding band – “I’ll protect you” – same bday friend – corpse bride how much more till he finally announces they’re married already?” Yes, yes these things … olvasásának folytatása

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Yunho, Yoochun and Junsu, this three boys – No entry – in the kitchen 🙂 Yunho, Yoochun and Junsu are such adorable fails in the kitchen 😂 pic.twitter.com/dSH5sywzzw — Kennie … olvasásának folytatása

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Audio record of Jaejoong saying "Yuuho aishiteru!" yesterday 🙈 (深海兔条) "ゆうほ 愛してる!" pic.twitter.com/1J9GF617vS — Kennie 🌻 (@KennieYieJ) February 15, 2017 Thanks, the eng. trans. perhaps, a little better my soul. Video … olvasásának folytatása

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JaeJung.I’ll ProtectYou

During singing I'll Protect You,JJ tried hard not to cry,but then camera zoom in,Jaejoong cry when fans are also crying 😭(vid cr.reico126) pic.twitter.com/oueJW8rVRG — Ristaa~允浩在中❤ (@JJaerista) February 10, 2017 NAGAJAO … olvasásának folytatása

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