pitymalat12. YunJae.addicts.page approx. 4200 Yunho small image, Jaejoog's face

YunJae.addicts. Yunho mini pics on Jae's face. Not my job. I'm JJ bias. Why? 1. musical talent, songwriter and vocal / this is extraordinary / 2. he is inside and outside beautiful. The goodness comes out of his heart 3. all he's doing is superb, concerts sorting, photography, design. Creative, its taste is very sophisticated,in all areas, clothing dressing, fragrances, home decor.


JJ room in Jjolic😊

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I don’t know who the creator is/sorry, and thanks, I borrowed it/ #YunJae Their stories before debuted  2000 Their stories before debuted – P1 Their stories before debuted – P2 … olvasásának folytatása

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김재중의 미학

The aesthetics of Kim Jaejoong,and 1-2 YunJae, in pictures Russian photographer lady, with his fabulous photos, became Kim Jaejoong “tale”“tale on stage,” tale as a model “ “tale on the … olvasásának folytatása

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Complete documentation YunJae until 2019.07

Eredeti bejegyzés [W]Shippers:
💗 BÁO CÁO YUNJAE (KỲ 2) 💗 🎊 ♥️  Happy 11th Anniversary ♥️  🎊 Sa: post này tớ set lịch từ hôm mùng 9 rồi mà sau đó mạng chặn…

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And now Kim Jaejoong, returned to the TV Showmaybe it’s not a random song choice, GFF 2015 with Yunho https://youtu.be/xR7KgITKK24 the lyrics of the selected song “해가지기전에가려했지AnythingAnywhereTried to leave before … olvasásának folytatása

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JJ.”OnTheRoad” OST

very deeply touched me ….crying,which I have always felt it, the film is likely to all reveal it,Jae life storytellingI … I’m crying The loneliness that goes deep inside this … olvasásának folytatása

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Grateful thanks, for sharing Wow, for this boy, his capacity, and energy is amazingHe makes the movie about a trip to Busanedit, sharecomments over 1000, reads … answersso, this not … olvasásának folytatása

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김자종 안은 잃어버린 선물

The gift.Dear-Jaejoong-Yunho, “There are people we get as a gift for a while…… But Something Gone, The gift Souls summary…..“There are people we get as a gift for a while … olvasásának folytatása

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Only just, a Flash memory, about a Valentin day #J_JUN #KimJaejoong #tvfxq #Yunho

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Situation and Summary

I say goodbye, it just meansthat I will not be an obsessed fanjust plain casual, cendes fanI don’t need, any other idol team,or DBSK5. JYJ, or nothing 5,3,2, and remains, … olvasásának folytatása

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Heart is painful, 04.2010writing about TVXQ, and a call to cassieopiareminder, though I don’t like that painful time.then, I became a big fan 2010tvxq 5, and YunJae https://ko-bands.livejournal.com/20240.html and,.. and … olvasásának folytatása

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JejeKim is the national treasure #KimJaejoong again Happy Birthdays

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“mianhae~saranghae~kamsahamnida “ that’s all it should have beenthe three magic wordsit takes care of everything in the heartswhy is this so hard to do?

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HBD to Kim JaejoongAsia:Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Syria, Thailand, Uzbekistan,Europe:Italy, Denmark, HungaryAmarica:Argentina, New York

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because she became a well-done advertising figure the advertising video https://ok.ru/video/186362410046 #유노윤호 #ユノ #yunho #TVXQ #콜롬비아나마스터 ₍ ᐢ. ̫ .ᐢ ₎ つ ⌁❤️⌁⋆ 🌿 https://t.co/vtQdklMndg pic.twitter.com/kQHiuGyDFw — 무명_ (@yh_moment) August … olvasásának folytatása

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[VIDEO] 130529 KBS News reports about Jaejoong’s Grand Finale Live Concert and Fanmeeting in Japan

Eredeti bejegyzés JYJ3:
Credit: JJYCJS YJJ Shared by: JYJ3

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[NEWS] 130528 JYJ Jaejoong Playing Arcade Games, ‘Hardcore Focusing’

Eredeti bejegyzés JYJ3:
A picture of JYJ Jaejoong playing arcade games was revealed online. Today he posted on his twitter, “Work hard, play hard,” along with a picture. In the picture, he…

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[LINE] 130528 JYJ Naver Line Update: Jaejoong’s Weekend Trip in Busan

Eredeti bejegyzés JYJ3:
[TRANS] I went on a short weekend trip~^^ [TRANS] Ride KTX? Where am I? Can you guess where I went? hehe [TRANS] The answer??????? he [TRANS]…

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[TWITTER] 130528 Jaejoong Twitter Update

Eredeti bejegyzés JYJ3:
[TRANS] Work hard play hard~~☆ (T/N: they’re contractions of 열(심히) 일(하다) = 열일 = ‘work hard’ and 열(심히) 플(레이하다) = 열플 = ‘play hard’) – [TRANS]…

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130528 General All-Purpose Post!!

Eredeti bejegyzés JYJ3:
Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post. Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^ Credits: jaeonly…

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[NEWS] 130528 Kim Jaejoong will meet 40,000 fans in Japan for Asian Tour Finale

Eredeti bejegyzés JYJ3:
The concert will be held on June 24-26 at the Yokohama Arena. After releasing his mini solo album and holding a tour in 6 cities including…

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[SPAZZ 2011] Kim Jaejoong in “Protect The Boss” Drama

Eredeti bejegyzés JYJ3:
♪ Protect The Boss OST – Kim Jaejoong – “I’ll Protect You” ♪ Episode 01 Episode 02 Episode 03 Please click on the next page to watch more…

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JJ. if someone wants have fun it, Wash yourself alone, this is surrealism trope  

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[こちらの方が翻訳見やすいのでやり直しました] 金在中 weibo[日本語翻訳] お久しぶり、weiboに戻りました。私のこと忘れてないよね? pic.twitter.com/NtUfZ5DZLk — Amour Yoonjae Japan (@amour_japan) July 3, 2020

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P.S NOT IN ORDER. (its in the description one’s order) 1.for you… 2.Sure thing (Tashikana Koto) 3. Second Love (Sekando Rabu) 4. Sad color (Kanashi Iro yane) 5. I became … olvasásának folytatása

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Jaejoong has once again proved his global influence and vocal capabilities which are already well acclaimed by fans and the general public, especially that he was the main and lead vocalist … olvasásának folytatása

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BravaBravaBrava fan comments, I don’t have, anymore word “OMG! 😊😊😊😊😊😊 Dance dance… JJ visual shock forever, what a genius MV” “Jaejoong can really sing any genre. What a king! Jaejoong … olvasásának folytatása

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JejeKim on the facebook, lonely, and sleepless, and Jeje Kim replied to me and that makes me happy. Thanks JejeKim and. one-two other favorite pictures about Yunho, at the time of … olvasásának folytatása

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letting go I’m not worried, these are two adult people at the beginning, why, why, because stupidity, fear, they didn’t go with Jae, and 2 members, and how many lies … olvasásának folytatása

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“I want to be someone like an onion – in a good way.” – Jaejoong 2019 this is natural as you peel off the onion peel new onion peel, after … olvasásának folytatása

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I always knew JYJ was innocent, but when this song comes to me again, and again anger, bitterness come to me, I can’t stop it and grateful thanks to the … olvasásának folytatása

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in such, dangerous times I have to read this again and again I need it, to my soul………. my story I fell in love, with them two ways. 1. Korean … olvasásának folytatása

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Wanted to quit showbiz two years ago… @bibian9 https://twishort.com/SRAnc of which #J_JUN. note, confirmed, what I was afraid of then I saw that he was disappointed in everything. What I … olvasásának folytatása

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No fairy tale, teddy bear and bunny forever a couple now JJ’s bear supplement, as long as the live teddy is away. ((((察し)))) pic.twitter.com/rSMn6RzdyN — マグナム (@TVXQ5_YJ610) September 6, 2019 … olvasásának folytatása

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“When I can’t sleep at night, Yunho lets me lean on his belly until I fall asleep. His stomach is so squishy.” – Jaejoong pic.twitter.com/XNVF1fQc4E — bee 🍣 (@3_likeyou) August … olvasásának folytatása

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The lotus flower, perfect gift for Jaejoong “The lotus flower symbolizes the rebirth, is able to break of, the surface water and, with beautiful flowers blooms. Its beauty never diminishes. … olvasásának folytatása

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#kimjaejoong blocked him again, it is Korea’s big shame, shame, shame, how long does politics allow SM to do this? Guys we made it. But still we need to push … olvasásának folytatása

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“LoveJaeJungYunho”YunJae.2004-2007-2019. #윤재 #yunjae #允在 #ユンジェ #Yunjae12thAnniversary #610YunJae12thAnni                                               … olvasásának folytatása

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Mourning Budapest is the capital of my country. On the Danube River had a terrible and shocking accident last night. While Boat trip. Two ships collided, Saddening, shocking to me. … olvasásának folytatása

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[#SCAN|#HQ] 190521 Jaejoong @ Junon July Issue

Eredeti bejegyzés iJaeFans:
? Photos Cr : JJ Sweet & Artistkim & Reflyjae & 白谷的三明治和画家

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Korea, give,appreciation, respect, to Kim Jaejoong He is an extraordinary wonderful artist, creative mind, wonderful personality, modest, humble and loves his country Korea. all on the continent know him, not … olvasásának folytatása

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to JJ. no one can resist yes it is sensational very funny Mc flirts with JJ He suggested that he would be elephant when Jea rode 🙃🤣 Jusun is completely … olvasásának folytatása

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JJ.howManyD ????

“Taiwan and come and go back and forth the style of the cute abnormal beautiful girl and married woman of Jaejun… Taiwan, and more than Nani. Thank you (̆ ω … olvasásának folytatása

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the years pass but there is something that never changes I hope at least  

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Cassiopeia this is the real one Cassiopeia this is a constellation, which consists of five stars what are we talking about, two in case of? Cassiopeia constellation changes to two … olvasásának folytatása

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NEW KPOP FANS HERE'S WHAT YOU HAVE MISSED #동방신기 !please watch till the end! pic.twitter.com/kSxj5NPTKt — TVXQ|JYJ ¹²²⁶ ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴍɪɴʜᴏʟɪᴄ♥ (@Kumii0309) January 9, 2019 My big favorite 헤이삼 뽀인트 1. 윤재가 … olvasásának folytatása

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Kim JaeJoong’s Impossible Schedule


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YunJae (윤재)

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JYJ, TVXQ, OT5.JunJae, fans. JYJ, 동방신기 팬,

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