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YunJae.addicts. Yunho mini pics on Jae's face. Not my job. I'm JJ bias. Why? 1. musical talent, songwriter and vocal / this is extraordinary / 2. he is inside and outside beautiful. The goodness comes out of his heart 3. all he's doing is superb, concerts sorting, photography, design. Creative, its taste is very sophisticated,in all areas, clothing dressing, fragrances, home decor.


#kimjaejoong blocked him again, it is Korea’s big shame, shame, shame, how long does politics allow SM to do this? Guys we made it. But still we need to push … olvasásának folytatása

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“LoveJaeJungYunho”YunJae.2004-2007-2019. #윤재 #yunjae #允在 #ユンジェ #Yunjae12thAnniversary #610YunJae12thAnni                                               … olvasásának folytatása

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Mourning Budapest is the capital of my country. On the Danube River had a terrible and shocking accident last night. While Boat trip. Two ships collided, Saddening, shocking to me. … olvasásának folytatása

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[#SCAN|#HQ] 190521 Jaejoong @ Junon July Issue

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? Photos Cr : JJ Sweet & Artistkim & Reflyjae & 白谷的三明治和画家

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Korea, give,appreciation, respect, to Kim Jaejoong He is an extraordinary wonderful artist, creative mind, wonderful personality, modest, humble and loves his country Korea. all on the continent know him, not … olvasásának folytatása

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to JJ. no one can resist yes it is sensational very funny Mc flirts with JJ He suggested that he would be elephant when Jea rode 🙃🤣 Jusun is completely … olvasásának folytatása

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JJ.howManyD ????

“Taiwan and come and go back and forth the style of the cute abnormal beautiful girl and married woman of Jaejun… Taiwan, and more than Nani. Thank you (̆ ω … olvasásának folytatása

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the years pass but there is something that never changes I hope at least  

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Cassiopeia this is the real one Cassiopeia this is a constellation, which consists of five stars what are we talking about, two in case of? Cassiopeia constellation changes to two … olvasásának folytatása

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NEW KPOP FANS HERE'S WHAT YOU HAVE MISSED #동방신기 !please watch till the end! pic.twitter.com/kSxj5NPTKt — TVXQ|JYJ ¹²²⁶ ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴍɪɴʜᴏʟɪᴄ♥ (@Kumii0309) January 9, 2019 My big favorite 헤이삼 뽀인트 1. 윤재가 … olvasásának folytatása

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Kim JaeJoong’s Impossible Schedule


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2018 I would have liked it if YunJae positiv change I would have liked if Yunho stood up against the injustice of Korean media I would have liked if he … olvasásának folytatása

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beautiful and timely writing “I’m not prepared for eternity” — FOREVER_LOVE95— TAGS: YUNJAE On yunjae Three years ago my friend sent me a video of five korean dudes standing under the … olvasásának folytatása

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Jae, again, was fascinated by us Astonishing JJ. wrote the poem in Japanese, a haiku and excellent, impressed He.read a lot, versatile educated human again one evidence, that he is … olvasásának folytatása

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why do you have to talk about it? why are there violent fans? and incomprehensible fans? and at all, why it is not obvious who is his love ? the … olvasásának folytatása

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“The expressions Jaejoong showed, while shooting was said to have a kind of lonely sorrow, but never weak and still powerful ones.” —- to have a kind of lonely sorrow,—- … olvasásának folytatása

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lovely kids, on press conference cr. 080921MIROTIC MVリリース&SHOWCASE⑦YTN STAR NEWS 080922https://t.co/c1YRJOgoDV ⑧MV Making Interview from STAR NEWS  *日にち不明https://t.co/0IspHOMpnL⑨MV Interview 080919https://t.co/IAzYUVtyU5https://t.co/5hi7tpESr8#MIROTIC10thAnniversary#MIROTIC10years pic.twitter.com/O7S5HTTdBs — ⚜ЯУО_ШР⚜ (@ryosia_tvfxq) September 24, 2018 DBSK with them even a … olvasásának folytatása

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TVXQ.5. TVfXQ I did, a clip my favorite moments, on this topic “TOMORROW” there is no tomorrow, without yesterday and The future must be common / JYJ Duo /

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Signs the Defiance in “love line” “Jelek”, az “Ellenszegülés” és a “Szerelem vonalba” a chance for love? Yunho signs Jae signs In the Hachinohe / kis kocsma étkezde / 八戸のスナックに行ってきました!優しいママのお店で皆んな楽しい時間でした!笑 pic.twitter.com/5Ystj7Fm3E … olvasásának folytatása

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this should be, must be, TOMORROW 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう」「Rising Sun」「呪文-MIROTIC-」「Bolero」「Begin」「Forever Love」「Stand by U」東方神起の主な有名曲です!絶対聴いてください!#東方神起#ジェジュン#ジュンス#ユチョン#ユンホ#チャンミン pic.twitter.com/Fun8KLWwnk — なる/ユチョン (@2qd913Uns23mdut) September 20, 2018 “Secret road” first day pink overture The duo also pink cover “The … olvasásának folytatása

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JAEJOONG HallLiveTour2018

*SECRET ROAD* 公式ペンライトの色を守りましょう!信号機の色を守るのと同です。公式って書いてある事に目を向けて下さい!他に公式に指示がある場合を除き、公式色ペンラ持参は厳守です!皆でルールを守ってジェジュンに真っ赤なレッドオーシャンを見せてあげましょう💕#ジェジュン #Defiance #NowPlaying pic.twitter.com/OBSvNEezmp — 💜tvxq_jj_1986_jj_jyj💜 (@jejung33ai21) September 16, 2018 Yes please RED OCEAN to Jaejoong MUSIC DAILY RANKING デイリー音楽ランキング(2018.09.15〜2018.09.16) 2nd #Defiance 3rd #Sign / Your Love #np4th … olvasásának folytatása

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“Killers”sm lee So man who is the cause oof the separation of the five boys today I am aggressive, Yunho Changmin what did you do ? why do not you say a … olvasásának folytatása

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Someone leaves the fandom / cassie / and YunJae and I was deeply thought of what, how small pieces of my feeds our faith maybe there’s nothing but blind faith? … olvasásának folytatása

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Kreációk Megpróbálom összeszedni a kusza agyamat J, pénteken de. minden családom szerte szét szaladt, hétfőig senki. Nem tudtam egyikkel sem elmenni, sajna a…

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discursive thoughts “Sign” then this became my favorite, provocative, sexy and delightful adorable this is a very sore block, the end of it with him I was crying We are … olvasásának folytatása

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OnlyGoodTime YunJae. tales 2017 past and present Only Good Times. OnlyGoodTimes

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I awaked

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? 2018.06.11 photo people2. in Tokyo, Press conference in Korea https://twitter.com/i/status/1006072245653942273 https://twitter.com/i/status/1006197758133354496 https://twitter.com/i/status/1006193987386871808 https://twitter.com/i/status/1006189291133755393 ? https://twitter.com/0104iamAIR/status/1006182112230236160 https://youtu.be/CxMvQkcdPl8

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11. marriage anniversary The eternal love’s symbol YunJae I hope, is true There is simply no one who is Jae’s partner It could be and there is no one who … olvasásának folytatása

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“YunJae forever is part of my lives. “

  YunJae is forever is part of our lives stay. Ildikó collection a collection of fan examples we agree with these sentences we really love these sentences 1.You can hope … olvasásának folytatása

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maybe yes maybe not Yunho indecipherable, He does it, what they describe to him, but nothing more the YunJae LoveBar gift he always wear it, but why? it is unknown … olvasásának folytatása

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DOWNLOAD(1GB) ? ? Link CR : Ijaefans Pics Cr : From Twitter ^^

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https://youtu.be/ztjBYU_5YKM https://youtu.be/Lrmx06g8Rtk Gyűjteményem, a kedvenc babák jókedvűen. És ha mint, most szomorúságos vagyok csak idejövök, és jól végignézek mindet 🙂 a másikon már…

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“Why Did I Fall In Love With You”4.

  and died in the spring of 2018 these two men will never be together again and will never be again TV5XQ full one .. Jae, sad bored , tired … olvasásának folytatása

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“Why Did I Fall In Love With You”3.

sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad YunJae, over End of 9 years of enthusiasm hope had been dying, already at the … olvasásának folytatása

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“Why Did I Fall In Love With You”2.

sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad I’m YunJae, over “game over” End of 9 years of enthusiasm hope had been dying, already at the end of 2017 and died in the spring … olvasásának folytatása

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“Why Did I Fall In Love With You”1.

“Why Did I Fall In Love With You” The song and kpop group which brought me into kpop world. Forever will be missed. And my bias, JaeJoong. still.   I’m … olvasásának folytatása

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[#TRANS | #LINK] 180502 Jaejoong @ ‘In Love with Jaejoong’ on NHK Radio

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[Translation] • Jaejoong: “I feel like a newcomer like when I was 17 years old and I’m doing my best every day!” • Releasing his first…

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He debuted in Japan 13 years ago five boys, they wrote history, kpop a miracle was born, which has since it is a miracle, five boys became the “Rising Gods … olvasásának folytatása

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Finally, I have a machine for 2 days, but now on it, so that, I’ve got to put everything now my mac alive. She had to go to service, my … olvasásának folytatása

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[#VID | #DOWNLOAD] 180404 “Photo People in Paris” JJ Bonus DVD

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DOWNLOAD MEDIA FIRE (530MB) ? cr: princess in heart

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I’m angry

Hello Korean broadcasting, when will you open your doors for your own country's gem Kim Jaejoong ?RT: @ggmoai SBS モーニングワイドにジェジュンも🤗 pic.twitter.com/YTeXa3pD4X — kriskjj💚Jaefans🎼💚 (@momsykris) March 28, 2018 I’m going to … olvasásának folytatása

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I saw yesterday the Vlive, because their new album 8 concept is explained, I thought something came out but nothing intelligible did not reveal so then I descriptive my idea … olvasásának folytatása

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I ask it back.

I ask it back right away right now please come back this, when everybody, falls over from laughing, because the two dorks create himself        

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PinkBoys. I’mWaiting

Expectation, I’m waiting, look forward to the signal Jae. “black and white Yes No” what did you do? where have you been? whom you loved? I’m an observer. For days … olvasásának folytatása

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Disgusting Yunho.ChangConcept

“I keep insisting, that Yunho look is very strange, I do not see that shine in his eyes 👀 I’m sorry absent ainzzzz @bornfreeonekiss take care of your Bear and … olvasásának folytatása

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OLD. News.MEMENTO for me. JYJ’s Jaejoong Finishes First Stop Of New Asian Fanmeeting Tour

Eredeti bejegyzés All About Cassiopeia:
South Korean boyband JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has successfully completed the first leg of his new Asian fanmeeting tour. His agency, C-JeS Entertainment, said yesterday,…

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Belated birthday greetings for Pisces_dream my.FF.inspiration first FF.  The Treasured Grandson 01. 02. 03. 04. 05 06. 07. plus, a nice video is Birthday for JJ. Jae’s perfection and YunJae’s aesthetics, summarizing … olvasásának folytatása

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